Leaving AT&T Without the Early Termination Fee!

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Well, I finally jumped ship from AT&T, and I also got them to waive the Early Termination Fees!  How?  Pretty easily, actually, although I’m not sure if many people know how.

The trick is to move to an area that doesn’t have coverage, especially if another carrier does, like Verizon.  In my case, AT&T said they had coverage here, but, in reality, they don’t for about a mile in each direction.  So, you’re technically not breaching the contract if they can’t give you coverage.  In fact, legally, they’re not living up to their end of the bargain.

If you live in an area without coverage, they may still ask you to talk to their technical support team to try and fix the problem.  They’ll probably create a case for it so their engineers can look into it.  However, it’s just a formality, and well worth a couple days wait in my opinion.

If you want AT&T to waive the early termination fee, this is definitely the way to go…and one way they obviously don’t advertise. ;)

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5 Responses to “Leaving AT&T Without the Early Termination Fee!”

  1. rach_C_veal

    Tape a cheetah to her back!

  2. bizarrree

    Damn what happened to everyone with AT&T?

  3. 8CountKing

    I have AT&T

  4. QuinnMonroe

    its there fault. Who they mad at? T? Or you?

  5. kioskfonts

    AT&T? Actually, I sold one of those on craigslist last week for 13.75 $! Hope that’ll comfo you a bit.